forma is building a content platform that empowers everybody in the world with a flexible visual identity.

Through our products and computer vision technology, what you look like will no longer be limited to the physical world.

We are building real technology at the cutting edge of AI (specifically deep learning for computer vision and graphics) with an application relevant for billions of people.

The company was founded in late 2017, early in the commercialization of the recent breakthroughs in deep learning. We’ve raised seed funding from top VCs and angels and are SF-based by the Caltrain station.



We are fortunate to have an outstanding and diverse team of researchers and product engineers, as well as a PM and product designer all in our SF office.


Ben Chiang, CEO
Uber China founding team and grew from 0 to $500m rev run-rate as GM, and created product line that comprised 50% of Uber’s global trips as PM

Qianyi Zhou, CTO
One of the world’s most-cited researchers in computer vision and graphics, especially deep learning, from Stanford

Alan Yan, Chairman
Serial entrepreneur with multiple 9-digit exits / valuations


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